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We will vacuum clean your gutters and downpipes immaculately clean! Gutter Wiz gutter vacuum cleaning now servicing Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. With our powerful truck mounted gutter vacuum we can remove leaves, twigs, dirt, mud, moss, screws, chipped tiles, both wet and dry.

Our vacuum technique can reach where hands cannot to clean blocked downpipes, roof valleys, flashings and soaker trays.

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Top Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning in Melbourne

If you have solar panels installed in your home, you should consider cleaning them on a regular basis to get the most out of them. Though solar panels come with a self-cleaning formula, but over the course of time they accumulate dust, dirt and bird droppings which makes it necessary for the homeowners to clean their solar panels. If you are wondering why solar panel cleaningin Melbourne is important, then go for the reasons mentioned below that can help you make a decision.

    It is advisable to clean the solar panels with a soft brush that has a plastic blade on one side and soft cloth on the other. This brush will allow you to clean the panels effectively while staying on the ground. You can also make use of nozzle to allow the stream of water reach the panels.

    Always clean the solar panels in the morning or late in the evening. This is because when the sun is shining bright, the water used to clean the panels may get easily evaporated, hence making the cleaning process a bit difficult. Therefore, for best results, always clean the solar panels in the morning or in the evening.

    One should always make use of right equipment to reach the solar panels. Proper safety measures should be taken because falling off from a height can cause injuries.  Hence, always think about your safety first when you are cleaning the panels. You can also seek help of someone experienced.

    Many people make a mistake of using harsh abrasive materials for removing caked things on the panels.  This is absolutely wrong because scratching the panel with a glass can affect its performance.  Also avoid using detergents to clean the glass.

    If there are oil stains on the panels, then use a good-quality spot cleaning substance ideal for solar panels.

Those were several useful tips that will help you clean solar panels. We highly advise you to trust the job with the professionals because there is a risk of injury involved in case you fall off from a certain height while cleaning the panels. Moreover, solar panels need to be cleaned accurately so that their performance can be kept intact. Trusting the job with the professionals is beneficial because they are aware about the right cleaning techniques to clean your solar panels in no time. They have got the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the job effectively.

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